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Karagen Indonesia (KaraIndo) was established in 2004. The main factory is located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, built in 20,000 m² area with over 100 employees. At the beginning, KaraIndo solely produced Semi Refined Carrageenan. Years later, after conducted numbers of hi-tech research and development, the company has enhanced to extensive capabilities to produce Refined Kappa Carrageenan, Semi Refined Iota Carrageenan, Carrageenan for Jelly Products, Meat Process Products, and many more.

Our business is based on high quality carrageenan and unlocking its natural goodness in ways that add real value to our customers from raw material to the finest products. Therefore, our goods are widely accepted both in the local market and international market.


We bring fresh, hygienist, high quality carrageenan directly from the nature right to your doorstep.

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Excellence in Quality

Customer satisfaction is valued the most at KaraIndo. Stringent quality control checks are in every processing step to ensure only the best products. KaraIndo boasts of a best equipped laboratory manned with trained food scientists and microbiologists who closely monitor and keenly supervise the consistency of its raw materials and end products.
KaraIndo's research and product development specialists are experts in carrageenan and its uses in food and non-food applications. They are prepared to give the customers technical support from product development and formulation design to troubleshooting should their help be needed in improving the customers products and processes.

KaraIndo's definition of quality does not only stop with its internal standards. The company also recognizes the customers need to go beyond and comply with specific requirements. KaraIndo's Quality Assurance laboratories are certified Vendor QA laboratories by the largest food companies in the world.

KaraIndo continues to search for innovation and adapt to market trends, rest assured that quality is its top priority in doing so.

Technical Support

Technical concerns will be efficiently tended to by the company's highly qualified technical group. Recommendations, recipes, technical bulletins, and other literature can be easily provided to guide the customer on the use of KaraIndos as well as inform them of the benefits carrageenan brings to the final product.

KaraIndo's technical group has all the expertise to formulate and develop its alternative to whatever product a customer is currently using or interested in. KaraIndo's experience in customized products plus the customer's cooperation will make product matching easier and accurate.

If a customer is using a carrageenan product, they can ask us to match or improve it, letting us know their desired qualities. It would also be most helpful if a sample is provided. If the customer, however, is not yet using carrageenan, we can recommend appropriate products and provide recipes.

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Company Sheet

Address Kawasan Industri Terboyo Blok N No. 8-9, Semarang
Central Java - Indonesia
Phone +62-24-7628231
Fax +62-24-7628227
Email sales@karaindo.com
Director Mr. Ridy Purnama
Contact Person Ms. El Lie Purnama
Komite Akreditasi Nasional
Majelis Ulama Nasional
100% Cinta Indonesia
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee